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You're all fucking cunts (link) On 28/07/2014

pls die

Reax Drops On 10/07/2014

this website isnt active on the players names there are some people that are gone

N0ThLeD (link) On 25/06/2014

Hello I am French,
I am 18 years old,
I feeder,
My skype kaim.sassi,
I play call of duty for 8 years,
I start on Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Why I want to join the FaZe: I want to join the FaZe because it is an exeptional team's who in the levels, and that everyone wants to join :)
Thank you contact me and recruit me :)

FaZe FroSty (link) On 25/06/2014

Hey Um this website is not even active any more I mean seriously look at the Roster -_- Kross is GONE

A BLIKEN 420 (link) On 18/06/2014

you guys are my fav clan 2 watch in ffa and trickshoting one day i hope 2 join FaZe and hope 2 play along with u guys some day

tinyjimbob (link) On 16/06/2014

Hey there sexy mama's

FaZe Pandahh (link) On 15/06/2014

can i join?

InssaneBirdy On 09/06/2014

Hey all this message is directed to the faze clan how do I join faze clan or apply/signup for faze?

[KBB[ShoCkWaV3 MoDz (link) On 26/05/2014

This Website Will be hacked and SHUTDOWN ON 5/27/14 at 2100 Hours

WaSp GAURDSHOTZ (link) On 23/05/2014

Need a another editor for WaSp to make a website able to to change your name and for websites and editor for emblems as well Add Me(:

WaSp GAURDSHOTZ (link) On 23/05/2014

Im a proud leader of WaSp, We are Sniping pros and trick shoters I can quick scope with svu , dsr , and ballista if i find you good add my name WaSp GAURDSHOTZ and we have huge quickscope battles everyday i will judge you on how good you are at Bo2

[FaZe]Frosty (link) On 01/05/2014

The new FaZe website is So go there now instead

FaZe Temperrr On 29/04/2014

I smell like monkeys

FaZe Apolloo On 26/04/2014

hey their its FaZe Apolloo here hope everyonr is great

[FaZe]Frosty (link) On 24/04/2014

Hey Guys Frosty Here. I just added a Blog. I would really like some feadback on the blog. I'm really working hard ontrying to make it god. I just hope if Temperrr Visits it that he'll like it. I really just thought that this site really looked too bland. I would also really just appreciate if you guys that post on the Guestbook would at least check out the site and leave a comment.

FaZe Frost (link) On 23/04/2014

Hey Guys Frosty her just Re-Updated the Site.

FaZe Noodlzzz On 23/04/2014

Sup guys can it tryout for FaZe i really wanna
Tryout PLZ

FaZe Frosty (link) On 22/04/2014

If I remember right there is no FaZe clan on the PS3, everyone on there claiming to be in FaZe on PS3 is a fake.

Gtman360 On 22/04/2014

Hi faze im a quickscoper and im subscribed to all the
FaZe channels on youtube so if i could please join
Your clan i would be very grateful.thank you. And if
You guys decide to put me in your clan send me
A request on ps3(gtman360)

Frosty (link) On 17/04/2014

Hey Guys Check out the new website.

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