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Mary (link) On 08/09/2017

We discovered your website through google rank and we like to invite all people who want to advertise alternative therapy and massage services to join our directory, where you can get new customers for your business.

John (link) On 27/08/2017

Thanks man.

For more FaZe Clan stuff come join a forum for FaZe fans.


outbound (link) On 02/06/2016

Great way to raise some money for a good cause. Looking forward to next year.

k h On 27/03/2016

I am a girl gamer that is interested in joining faze good quick scoper and good at other guns as well I play black ops 3 on my xbox one my gamertag is Flossie Loc and if I were in faze I would be called faze future

baconking85 On 09/01/2016

Hey I would like to join FaZe, is it possible for me to get a tryout

Jericho Nations On 17/11/2015

Hey I would like to Be a FaZe Member
My Gamertag is Marine2443
I want to be on that roster

Its ExpertFps On 18/05/2015

Did I get a faze tryout by FaZe Apex message me when you can

suhendra On 25/03/2015

Sam On 02/02/2015

Can I join FaZe clan? I am a good trickshotter please email me yes or no and give me info to ok and thank you

Madi On 25/01/2015

Hey i thought you guys in FaZe would need a girl gamer im a good at trick shots and quick shots. Email me back I would like to 1V1 anyone.

joker71g (link) On 13/01/2015

Im interested in joining your clan im wondering if i can just email me if yes or no or any other info

twstone50 (link) On 22/12/2014

good quickscoper and sub machine gunner

Ceejay917 or Tweetytruck On 04/12/2014

so lets forget these begging losers and get real so look at me, the real deal thank you... or call me at 610 223 2841 and ill get real

Tweetytruck or Ceejay917 On 04/12/2014

i may be the the worlds best quickscoper so please take a good look of me at tweetytruck or Ceejay917. I am not a fan of clans but I would rather be in a clan so people can be a fan of us when im in so try me out and I may surprise you guys

Tweetytruck On 04/12/2014

I am probably the worlds best quickscoper and im not lying I can beat everyone of faze but I am still friendly and mature wanting to be in faze so please friend request me at Tweetytruck or Ceejay917

FaZe Bento On 10/11/2014

I'm a trickshoter if u play me I will beat u I need to be on the roster.

Alex On 04/11/2014

ive been beating most of my friends and random people at 1v1s and 2v1 and it would be fun to join your clan my email please contact me if I may join

kenzyhiew On 30/10/2014

Hi there I want to join faze because so many people join faze

Christian Johns On 20/10/2014

I had an xbox a while back and i'm getting a new one either close to Christmas or on Christmas day and I will have a xbox live account and I wanted to know how to join FaZe and who I had to talk to in FaZe to get a tryout. If i did do that and got in FaZe my name would be FaZe Pavilion.If any FaZe members knows what I should do you can contact me by this email: and i will give you my new email for my xbox account i am creating and we can talk.

Adisson Downey On 17/10/2014

I'm getting an X box soon and i was good at quick scopeing on PS3 so i was wondering if you have a quick scope battle with me

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